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What is a GDL?

GDL stands for Graduated Drivers License.It is a program teen and first time drivers must complete to get their unrestricted basic drivers license.The program,which came into effect in January 2001 is designed to reduce the number of driving fatalities among teen and first time drivers and their passengers.

What do I need to do to get my permit?

At 16 yrs old, a driver is eligible to receive a Special Learners Permit (Student Permit).All drivers must  first pass a written and vision test. Next, the student must complete  6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction through our N.J. State approved driving program to receive a valid permit. The driver is then eligible to drive with a NJ licensed driver who is 21 years or older and licensed for at least 3 years. The adult passenger must ride in the front seat. Student driving hours are restricted to 5:01 am to 11 pm, and students may have 1 additional passenger unless accompanied by a parent or guardianin the vehicle. Students must drive a MINIMUM of 6 months of supervised driving before becoming eligible for their Provisional License. After all requirements have been met and the student passes their road test, they will receive their Provisional license.

What is a Probationary License?

Sometimes referred to as a "Cinderella License", the Probationary license allows students who have completed the Student Permit requirements to drive unsupervised. Probationary License drivers can drive unsupervised between the hours of 5:01 am to 11 PM. They may have only have  ONE ADDITIONAL PERSON IN THEIR VEHICLE UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN. If Probationary License holder or a passenger is 21 or over, passenger and hour restrictions don't apply! After the student has completed 1 year of unsupervised driving with a ProbationaryLicense, they will then have a Basic License, which has no driving restrictions.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the services requested. We offer hourly rates for refresher or driver testing brush ups. Our most popular program is the 6 hour Behind-The- Wheel package for a Student Learner Permit.We will pick up the student and process all the paper work. We also offer other services such as written test service and road test service.  We  offer convenient payment plans and accept all major credit cards.To receive a price quote, please call our office @ (866) 374-8382  (TOLL FREE!) or complete the request form on our Contact page HERE.

How long does it take?

How long depends on different you have a job?....after school or weekend activities?......We give lessons 7 days a week and can work within a students schedule to complete their lessons in a timely manner.

Lessons are usually given in 2-Three hour sessions. We work before school, after school,evenings and weekends . All lessons are given on a one-on-one basis, and are usually completed within one week of the first lesson.

What will I need to get started?

If you already have a permit or license, we can start immediately! If the student is 16 and needs to get a permit,there are several things we will need to be done.The State of New Jersey requires all drivers to complete a Student Learning Permit Application, which we will provide.All students are required to pass a written and vision test. If the written test was taken in school,the student must receive a score of 80 or better to pass. Upon completion of the test (with a passing grade attained) the student will be issued a test score card signed by their teacher. The student will need this card! (A student who is under the age of 17 who needs to take the test at an NJMVC office must be accompanied by a licensed instructor.) Students will need an ORIGINAL OR CERTIFIED  COPY U.S. BIRTH CERTIFICATE or  VALID PASSPORT.If applicable,they may also need proof of legal immigration status if they are not a U.S Citizen. When the student has the correct documentation,we can purchase the permit. Eye exams are administered in our office or at the local MVC office (20/50 vision is required with or without glasses!) When these requirements have been met the fun begins---Behind The Wheel! 

Where will we drive?

At Independence Driving School, our goal is to provide a comfortable, safe and fun environment for the students to learn the basics of driving. All lessons begin in a parking lot and progress at the students' learning and comfort level. All roads and routes the student will drive on are designed to fit the their abilities and comfort level.We practice good communication and positive reinforcement while driving.The student will drive on all types of roads and situations,including neighborhoods, rural roads and even highways!

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